ALBUCOR history is that of a man and his passion. Based on experience raised on a livestock and farm house, and a deep love for his profession, Juan José Rodríguez Ramos decides in its day, to found a company that , with the highest and permanent rigor in the selection and treatment of both meat cattle and lambs, to give the best service possible to food and beverage industry. It is a life form always linked to the field and especially livestock, starting at the family estate of Salamanca and then exploiting other livestocks leased in Extremadura, with Morucha cattle breed, bravo sheep and Iberian pigs.


All that experience is what led him to found ALBUCOR , always driven by the same passion and a clear commitment to customer service , all of which have since been the main objectives of each and every member of the company. Our job as a company is based on the permanent and rigorous selection of livestock carcasses in slaughterhouses and then ripen in our industry and then work on the detailing as the need or interest of each client.


It is now the second generation of the family that binds to this passion , in line with our founder, with the clear setpoint to maintain the values that have located ALBUCOR in the place where it is, and with an exciting project as is the international expansion of the brand the first phase begins with the 2014.


Our goal today remains the same with which the company was founded , and is to serve a quality product with an excellent staff. To do this, we have developed a working system based on our experience and all indications that we have received for our customers through all these years. Thus, as the cattle is slaughtered and permanently selected in the slaughterhouse Bandeira ( Pontevedra). Later, after receiving the goods, we implement all the auto-control system in which the various General Hygiene Plans that comprise it, we record a documentary on the maximum level of rigor we work with, in compliance with International Food Safety Regulations. The best parts, which are the backs of cows, are bone matured and cut up daily to go to their destination in different ways according to the needs of each client. For example: Those for steaks , which is the upper part of the spine where the ribs are, are supplied without mer, with shaved backbone, trimmed skirt and without lid, leaving a total performance for the customer.


That same top part is served boneless too, leaving only the ribs, calling the piece hig loin with rib (in abreviation L/High c/c), putting a cotton cover, before the last protection for its refrigerated transportation. It is also supplied fully exploded, vacuum packing all the unboned pieces, the same as with the fillets involving the same loins. The lower part of the spine, or low back, can be supplied shaving the spine, cut the skirt and bone (in abbreviation L/low C/H), good for steaks to the thickness you want. This same piece can go be used to get boneless steak. Boneless pieces are vacuum-packed, and those remaining boned, are protected with a cotton mesh, before their final protection for refrigerated transport. The products for export travel boneless, vacuum packed in Styrofoam boxes with dry ice. This whole process allows us to have a total confidence in the fact that our customer always receives a fresh and an excellent quality product, with no doubt, one of the nonnegotiable ALBUCOR seals.


Read Meats

They come for extra quaity cows, permanently sacrified in the Bandeira slaughterhouse (Pontevedra), whose in bone and are pieed he same the of their departure for destination. Recently, we have the making of a special hambuerg of 250 net g., of that same extra cow meat, with only natural condiments, having a rectangular form, shrink-wrappeed and encapsulated in plastic trays and in a four units pack, allowing an easy cut in two or four portions without crumbling.

Morucha Veal

Salamanca native breed, is another variety of the company that distributes beef, following the same permanent rigor in the selection described above.


From the Churro and Castilian breeds, reared near the Duero river, are of an extra quality and 5.5 channel Kgs and less than 30 days old. Due to the majority interest of customers, is cut up weekly, providing independent vacuum packed loins, legs and shoulders, with an average weight of 0,500 Kgs.


As a consequence of our founder’s life, and mostly of his passion for the countryside and cattle raising, this company had no other option but to be addressed to enjoy, above any other thing, the máximum quality of our products. First of all as a matter of belief, and also because we know that all of it has repercusion on the other great target of our company, which is our cooperation in order to allow our customer to have the máximum benefit possible.


The philosophy in ALBUCOR has always been clear since it sfoundation, and the words of our CEO have also been cristal clear: “In no way I could command this company based exclusivly on comercial issues. It would be absolutely impossible for me”. Thanls to that, we have the huge satisfaction of vistig any of our customer without being quality, traceability and transportation a part of the conversation.


Our products are absolutely siutable for the food and beverage industry, gourmet shops and even individual customers. Roasters, international restaurants, and also fish and shellfish ones make a perfect match with ALBUCOR, since the more selected their products the more they need a top quality meat.


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